Crimsonbow Sickle Cell Initiative and Dr SickleCell Center For SCD Establish Affiliation for Sickle Cell Care

LAGOS, October 2017 – Dr SickleCell is proud to announce its partnership with CrimsonBow Sickle Cell Initiative on overcoming sickle cell disease in Nigeria. During the partnership discussion with Timi Edwin, CEO/Coordinator, CrimsonBow SCI. She pledged her commitment to join effort with Dr SickleCell in overcoming sickle cell disease.

Overcoming Sickle Cell Disease is a reactive agenda, initiated to improve the lives of people with SCD by eliminating perceived barriers to quality SCD care using an integrated approach implemented through effective partnerships with key stakeholders. The initiative would debut in Nigeria and gradually proceed to other countries within the continent; effectively partnering with local key stakeholders to ensure affordability, availability, and accessibility to quality solutions in overcoming sickle cell disease.

The hurdles of Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria and Africa at large cannot be overcome by any single organization alone. It demands a holistic approach, where partnerships are forged by organizations with aligning visions, goals and complementary skills in a bid to overcome the barriers to effective care for People with the Disease.

This new partnership is intended to create an understanding of the effectiveness of this treatment and also to treat people in resource-limited settings and to establish the cost benefits to afford this treatment. As Dr SickleCell move to directly address affordability and availability by offering a Reduced Pricing Policy on its treatment to patients through partnering Patient Organizations.

About CrimsonBow Sickle Cell Initiative
CrimsonBow is a faith-based non-governmental organization that seeks to reach out to people whose lives have been affected by the Sickle Cell condition, either directly as sufferers, or indirectly as parents, children, siblings, friends or colleagues of sufferers. visit

About Dr SickleCell
Dr SickleCell is a specialty medical center that integrates management and cure of sickle cell anemia with further research and education on the disease. By integrating patient perspectives into our solutions, we provide quality patient-centered care to people living with sickle cell disease, ultimately enhancing their overall health. We are championing a natural and integrative approach to sickle cell disease treatment. Visit us at Follow us at and News and resources available at

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