Dr SickleCell offers free consultation and counseling for sickle cell patients.

LAGOS, November 2017 – About 3.6 million Nigerians living with sickle cell disease undergo different forms of experience and at some point in time may need to consult medical professionals for health advise and counsel. The need for consultation and counselling services is on the rise, but many do not receive proper services due to stigma and/or high pricing.

The Dr SickleCell Center for SCD is offering free consultation and counselling services to individuals living with the disease. The center was established specifically for patients who are suffering from the disease. The center treats sickle cell disease and all forms of its complications caused by the disease and by providing free consultation and counselling services conducted by trained healthcare professionals will help a lot of individuals, caregivers and families having related issues and concerns with the disease as many seek out for professional help and advice.

The free consultation and counselling are open to the general public specifically every Last Saturday of the Month from 10 am – 4 pm at Dr SickleCell Center for SCD, located at No. 1 Afinni street, Adelabu road, Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria.

About Dr SickleCell
Dr SickleCell is a specialty medical center that integrates management and cure of sickle cell anemia with further research and education on the disease. By integrating patient perspectives into our solutions, we provide quality patient-centered care to people living with sickle cell disease, ultimately enhancing their overall health. We are championing a natural and integrative approach to sickle cell disease treatment.
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